Significant Quartz Crystal Unearthed: Gorkha's Luminescent Rock Weighing Over 52 Kilograms

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Gorkha, August 10 :

A remarkable rock, radiating an entrancing glow, which was confiscated from the heart of Satipipal in Gorkha Municipality-7 on June 29, has been identified as an impressive quartz crystal, weighing over 52 kilograms. This dazzling revelation follows meticulous analysis carried out by a specialized team dispatched by the Department of Mines and Geology.

After an intensive two-day evaluation, the team concluded that the captivating stone was indeed a substantial quartz crystal. Geologist Dr. Sushmita Bhandari, a member of the analytical squad, disclosed that a comprehensive report detailing the findings has been submitted to the District Administration Office in Gorkha.

Dr. Bhandari emphasized that during the rigorous testing, the rock unveiled its true identity as a precious gemstone, signifying the geological significance of the discovery. This quartz crystal, occupying the seventh category in the spectrum of gemstone hardness classifications, holds its own unique allure, distinct from the illustrious diamond that occupies the pinnacle tenth category.

The team not only discerned the rock's mineral composition but also meticulously measured its imposing mass. The weight was determined to be an astonishing 52 kilograms and 330 grams. Dr. Bhandari underscored the rarity of such a sizable, unaltered piece of quartz crystal in its natural state, underscoring the extraordinary nature of this find.

Beyond its captivating appearance, quartz crystal has multifaceted applications. From adorning decorative items and jewelry to playing a pivotal role in radio transmitters, computers, watches, and other electronic devices, this gemstone's influence permeates various facets of modern technology.

The culmination of this exploration led to the submission of the comprehensive report in the presence of notable local figures, including Gorkha Municipality Mayor Krishna Bahadur Rana, Chief District Officer Dinesh Sagar Bhusal, and Superintendent of Police Anupam Shrestha.

This precious rock, once the centerpiece of local resident Rammaya Shahi's home, had been a subject of veneration for their family over the years. Amidst growing interest, calls have arisen from various quarters to enshrine this geological marvel within the hallowed confines of the Gorakhkahli or Gorakhnath temple, a testament to its profound impact on the community's cultural and spiritual ethos.