What is Centre for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA) ?

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Centre for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA) is a research center of Tribhuvan University, established in 1969 to conduct research on economic development and administrative issues in Nepal and beyond. CEDA has a rich legacy of producing research publications that inform policy and practice, such as JODAS (The Journal of Development and Administrative Studies), which we plan to continue in the future. We also have several ongoing and pipeline projects that address various challenges and opportunities facing Nepal and the region in the areas of governance, environment, energy, disaster management, and sustainable development.

The Centre for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA) was established om may 15, 1969 under tripartite agreement between His Majesty's Government of Nepal (Nepal Government), Tribhuvan University and the Ford Foundation. Started as an autonomous institution, the center was later integrated into Tribhuvan University and given the status of an Institute on December 15, 1975 after the National Education System Plan (NESP) was implemented. since then, it is providing research, training and consultancy services to Government, Non Government and donor agencies.ides a common platform for all astronomy/astrophysics/space science enthusiastic. It promotes science & technology via its outreach, education and research activities on astronomy and space science.

- Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Nepalese Economy and Society

- Enhancing Local Governance and Public Service Delivery through ICT

- Promoting Green Growth and Climate Resilience in Nepal

- Developing a National Strategy for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Implementation

- Strengthening the Capacity of Local Governments for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

- Exploring the Potential of Renewable Energy Sources for Rural Development

CEDA also values its collaboration and partnership with various national and international research centers and academic institutions. We have established relationships with research centers from India, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries. Recently, we visited South Korea to renew our MoU with the Center for Regional Studies (Chonnam National University) and to have a two-way dialogue with Mokpo National University, which may be explored further in the future. We will also renew our MoU with other research centers that we have worked with in the past.

In addition to research, CEDA also organizes various academic events that stimulate intellectual discourse and knowledge exchange on national and international issues. These events include international conferences, national seminars, symposiums, and talk programs that bring together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders.