Nepal Telecom Unveils Exclusive Migration Offers for C-Phone Users Transitioning to 4G LTE Services

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In a groundbreaking move, Nepal Telecom (Ntc) is introducing an array of migration offers tailored for C-Phone (CDMA Fixed Phone) users embracing the transition to 4G LTE services. This strategic maneuver offers a spectrum of internet and voice packages, empowering users to evolve from outdated technology to cutting-edge mobile advancements.

Shifting Paradigms: From CDMA to 4G LTE

A seismic shift in technological landscape is underway, as services such as WiMAX, CDMA, and other wireless technologies pave the way for the ascendancy of 4G LTE technology. This epochal transition, driven by the global trend, has compelled CDMA's user base to experience a downward trajectory. Nepal Telecom has mirrored this momentum by discontinuing CDMA service in Nepal since FY 2079/80, precipitating a migration to Nepal's telecom GSM and 4G network.

The Dawn of 4G LTE: A Compelling Proposition

Marked by expansive coverage and swift proliferation, Nepal's 4G LTE service has garnered momentum, capturing the allegiance of a burgeoning mobile subscriber base. Nepal Telecom, cognizant of this momentum, has been proactively introducing an array of packages to incentivize its CDMA C-Phone subscribers to embrace the 4G/GSM technology landscape.

A New Frontier: Migration Offer Unveiled

In alignment with its commitment to innovation, Nepal Telecom has unveiled a novel offer, exclusively for CDMA Fixed phone C-Phone users migrating to 4G broadband services. Branded as the "Namaste Wifi" packages with voice, this offer is set to take effect from Bhadra 01, 2080.

Empowering Migration with Namaste WiFi

A pivotal facet of this migration offer lies in the Namaste WiFi: 4G broadband packages meticulously curated for CDMA Fixed Phone users. Under this ambit, current C-Phone users can opt for two distinct packages: Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Premium Namaste WiFi offerings, catering to their diverse communication needs.

The Unlimited Basic Package extends a daily quota of 10 GB of data, coupled with a 5 Mbps connection. This package encompasses options priced at Rs 5,999 for 6 months and Rs 10,499 for 12 months, inclusive of installation charges. Renewal options are available at Rs 4,999 for 6 months and Rs 9,499 for 12 months.

The Unlimited Premium package augments the experience with a 10 Mbps download speed, coupled with up to 15 GB of data. Installation costs are set at Rs 8,999 for 6 months and Rs 16,499 for 12 months. Renewal options stand at Rs 7,999 for 6 months and Rs 15,499 for 12 months.

Facilitating Transition: Enhanced Connectivity

Noteworthy is the inclusion of a complimentary 4G LTE CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) for customers availing either of these packages, amplifying the connectivity experience.

Revolutionizing Voice Services

The migration also ushers in a transformation in voice services. Subscribers of the 6-month package are entitled to 400 minutes of on-net and 100 minutes of off-net talk time per month. Meanwhile, annual subscribers are poised to enjoy unlimited on-net and 100 minutes of off-net voice service monthly. Leveraging VoLTE technology, Nepal Telecom ensures seamless voice service through the 4G router, requiring a simple connection to a telephone line. Further augmenting user experience, the company allows continued internet browsing upon data exhaustion, attainable through a nominal payment of Rs 50, activating a 10 GB add-on pack for the ensuing 24 hours.

Pioneering Innovation in Technological Evolution

Nepal Telecom's dedication to technological evolution is encapsulated in this migration endeavor. With CDMA service rendered obsolete as of Ashar 2080 BS, Nepal Telecom stands as a beacon of technological progress, ushering in a new era of connectivity and convenience.