Nepal Telecom Confronts Infrastructure Setback Following Damage by Unnamed Provider

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In an unsettling turn of events, Nepal Telecom (NTC) finds itself grappling with yet another infrastructure impairment. The disruption is attributed to actions taken by an undisclosed service provider at the Kureli site, nestled within the Paribartan Rural Municipality of Rolpa district. In a press release, the state-backed telecommunications company disclosed that its vital equipment suffered damage due to interventions by technicians from the unnamed service provider. This incident spotlights an escalating trend of harm inflicted upon NTC's infrastructure in recent months.

NTC's official statement elucidated that both parties—the Ntc and the unidentified service provider—have reached a mutual understanding aimed at averting future repetitions of such detrimental occurrences. This agreement was forged through collaborative efforts, under the mediation of local authorities.

Central to NTC's contention is the installation of a tower by the other service provider, positioned a mere 20 meters from NTC's own apparatus. This proximity has allegedly disrupted the optimal functioning of NTC's solar panel system. Furthermore, in a recent development, the cable linking to the solar power source was deliberately severed. NTC maintains that it promptly reported this occurrence to the rural municipality, presenting compelling evidence of the inflicted damage. Subsequently, a bilateral meeting transpired between the two entities in the presence of local government representatives.

Among those in attendance was Shukra Bahadur Budha Magar, Chairman of Paribartan Rural Municipality, and Prem GM, the Chief Administrative Officer. A consensus was reached during this session, vowing to prevent any future incidents that could jeopardize NTC's crucial telecom infrastructure. The accord was reached on the 26th of Shrawan in the year 2080, as per the Nepali calendar.

However, a stern warning emanates from NTC: should its infrastructure face another episode of damage, the company is prepared to pursue legal remedies.

This predicament marks an addition to a series of infrastructure setbacks endured by Nepal Telecom in recent times. The triggers behind these impairments vary, encompassing instances where construction undertakings have inadvertently damaged the fiber cable network, and even indications of possible arson. Regardless of the source, the ramifications have been consistent—a halt in communication services impacting numerous customers and inflicting substantial revenue losses upon the company.

March witnessed a similar episode of equipment damage, which raised suspicions of arson. In response, NTC has engaged local authorities in hopes of achieving a more coordinated approach to prevent such mishaps. However, it's also imperative to minimize human errors in this context to guarantee the integrity of the telecom infrastructure. In a world reliant on communication, enduring disruptions due to infrastructure compromise remains an untenable proposition. Observers await the next steps in NTC's ongoing efforts to secure its vital assets and services.

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