OpenAI Extends Custom Instructions Capability to All Users of ChatGPT, Including Free Tier Subscribers

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OpenAI has taken a significant step in enhancing user interaction with its AI-powered language model, ChatGPT. The company announced the expansion of its "custom instructions" feature to encompass all users, irrespective of whether they are subscribed to the free or paid ChatGPT tiers. This feature, initially introduced in July as a beta exclusively for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, empowers users to shape the responses generated by the AI chatbot according to their preferences and specific requirements.

This move aims to streamline user experience, obviating the need for repeated instruction prompts with every interaction, as previously elucidated by TechCrunch.

For instance, users can instruct ChatGPT to adhere to a particular character count for its responses or adjust the conversational tone in line with their preferences.

The inauguration of this feature in July illustrated its value in educational contexts. A teacher utilizing ChatGPT to craft a lesson plan, for instance, would no longer be obliged to repeatedly specify their teaching level in order to receive appropriately tailored responses.

Similarly, developers harnessing this capability could command the chatbot to deliver responses in their preferred languages or exclude undesired languages.

OpenAI underlined its dedication to enhancing user engagement by emphasizing the pivotal role of steerability in aligning the AI model with diverse contexts and individual requirements across 22 countries.

Until this juncture, the custom instructions feature was accessible solely to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, entailing a monthly cost of $20. However, this week marks a transformative shift as OpenAI extends this offering to all users, irrespective of their subscription level, encompassing iOS and Android platforms. Notably, custom instructions can now be utilized even when chat history is deactivated.

To employ custom instructions, users need to select their profile and subsequently opt for "Custom instructions" to initiate the process.

OpenAI further disclosed that this feature's availability will soon extend to the European Union and the United Kingdom.

In an era of advanced AI capabilities, OpenAI's endeavor to place the reins of interaction in users' hands through customizable instructions is poised to reshape the landscape of human-AI communication.